Episode 2, “Ten Years Not Yet Gone” | Transcript

[FUTURE UNDERGROUND – NIGHT] [With a dramatic whoosh, Adnan and Isobel are now in SubTerra, 10 years in the future.] ISOBEL: Listen closely. We don’t have much time. You and I just time-jumped ten years into the future. To the SubTerra of tomorrow. You must do everything you can to make sure it survives. ADNAN:Continue reading “Episode 2, “Ten Years Not Yet Gone” | Transcript”

The Missing Year, Part 1

[It’s night inside Gabriel Tau’s high-rise penthouse.] GABRIEL: Record. Transition keynote, vee one. GABRIEL: Good morning. Let’s get right to it—a lot has changed since… Ah. Delete. [digital processing sound] GABRIEL: Great change always comes with equal parts tragedy and triumph. The former nourishes the latter. To put it simply, we’ve lost one of theContinue reading “The Missing Year, Part 1”

Episode 1, “Welcome to the Underground” | Transcript

[[I/O – Ep. 1 – By Alee Karim]] [[EXTERIOR – DESERT WASTES OF THE SOUTH BAY – DAY]] [[ISOBEL LEM (25) runs across a deserted flatland. She pants as her feet fall hard on the packed dirt.]] ISOBEL: (yelling) Faster! [[ADNAN LEM (40), is running after her. He struggles to keep up, his pace ragged,Continue reading “Episode 1, “Welcome to the Underground” | Transcript”