Episode 4, “The Making of a Killing” | Transcript

UNDERGROUND / 10 YEARS AHEAD – DAY [Ambient hum sounds as Isobel begins to log her experiment into Monitor Two.] MONITOR TWO: Good morning, Isobel. ISOBEL: Monitor, open new experiment. Save as X1-B. MONITOR TWO: Saving… What is the hypothesis of X1-B? ISOBEL: Atemporality as a problem-solving approach and way of life. MONITOR TWO: WhatContinue reading “Episode 4, “The Making of a Killing” | Transcript”

The Missing Year, Part 2 | Transcript

[slow, melodic slide guitar and spare synthesizer stabs play in the background] DWAYNE: Log in. User 152. DWAYNE: Hey, Mama. It’s Dwayne. [deep breath] DWAYNE: It’s Sunday. This is the…third message I’m sending you. I don’t even know if you’re getting these but either way I hope you’re staying indoors and I hope you’re stayingContinue reading “The Missing Year, Part 2 | Transcript”

Episode 2, “Ten Years Not Yet Gone” | Transcript

[FUTURE UNDERGROUND – NIGHT] [With a dramatic whoosh, Adnan and Isobel are now in SubTerra, 10 years in the future.] ISOBEL: Listen closely. We don’t have much time. You and I just time-jumped ten years into the future. To the SubTerra of tomorrow. You must do everything you can to make sure it survives. ADNAN:Continue reading “Episode 2, “Ten Years Not Yet Gone” | Transcript”

The Missing Year, Part 1 | Transcript

[It’s night inside Gabriel Tau’s high-rise penthouse.] GABRIEL: Record. Transition keynote, vee one. GABRIEL: Good morning. Let’s get right to it—a lot has changed since… Ah. Delete. [digital processing sound] GABRIEL: Great change always comes with equal parts tragedy and triumph. The former nourishes the latter. To put it simply, we’ve lost one of theContinue reading “The Missing Year, Part 1 | Transcript”

Episode 1, “Welcome to the Underground” | Transcript

[[I/O – Ep. 1 – By Alee Karim]] [[EXTERIOR – DESERT WASTES OF THE SOUTH BAY – DAY]] [[ISOBEL LEM (25) runs across a deserted flatland. She pants as her feet fall hard on the packed dirt.]] ISOBEL: (yelling) Faster! [[ADNAN LEM (40), is running after her. He struggles to keep up, his pace ragged,Continue reading “Episode 1, “Welcome to the Underground” | Transcript”