A device that bends time

A battle between makers and masters

A caged city protected by drones from humans

These are the realities that color I/O, a serialized fiction podcast set in one possible tomorrow and many possible frontiers beyond. Our story unfolds against a formally divided San Francisco Bay Area, with the haves protected inside a massive urban geo-fence and the have-nots developing their own society underground in the sun-baked outskirts. At the center of our story is Adnan Lem, an engineer and inventor, and his life’s work: Archive. Archive is a groundbreaking device that can recreate any object from its remains—wood from ash, a rocket from shrapnel, and, eventually, a human from its corpse—a rewind button that can take anything back to what it once was. When his benefactor, Gabriel Tau (the ruthless CEO of tech giant Y Corp) fires Adnan and claims ownership of Archive, he discovers allies outside of the gates of SF—and outside of the bounds of time—who help him see the true potential of his work. 

I/O is staged as a radio play using elements of sound design to create a psycho-acoustic storytelling experience. In the first season of I/O, we’ll follow Adnan and a cast of ever-shifting allies and enemies as bleeding-edge technology shifts from the ultimate lever of the wealthy to a democratizing game changer for working class revolutionaries.

I/O is a presentation of Phantom Customer Media, founded by Alee Karim and Agnes Szelag. They collaboratively create and produce the podcast. Agnes is a digital producer, designer, and sound artist based in Oakland. Alee is a writer and creative director also based in Oakland.

For press inquiries, feedback, and questions, email: iothepodcast@gmail.com